Generally speaking, if we cannot fix the problem, we do not charge. In exceptional unsuccessful cases we may charge a nominal fee.

Computer Medic reserves the right to levy unspecified fees where appropriate, such as for rush jobs, for research, assembly/disassembly of equipment, and so forth.


Shop rate (You bring it to us): $80/hr.
Onsite rate (We come to you): $110/hr.
Evening rate (7-12 pm, 1 hour minimum) $150/hr.
Holiday/Late night rate (12-6 am, 1-hour minimum) $185/hr.
Malware Removal
Hard Drive Replacement (includes OS installation, drivers, data transfer)
LCD Replacement (most screens; touchscreens & MacBooks extra.) $140-$170

We are always open to bartering arrangements, where appropriate. If you have a service to offer, or goods you wish to trade, we are willing to consider it.

A word about rates: If you have shopped around, you have no doubt noticed that some organizations charge significantly less than Computer Medic does. But here’s the rub: Invariably, those low-priced competitors are very young organizations with little real-world experience. Most will not even be in business in 6 months. Computer Medic has been around since 1998, and in that time we have seen literally dozens of competitors come and go.  We are qualified, highly experienced professionals, and we charge rates that are competitive with other established professionals.