About Us

Computer Medic has been providing the Austin area with computers and computer services since 1998. We are located in south Austin at the southwest corner of South Congress Avenue and Ramble Lane, just north of Stassney, approximately 12 blocks south of Highway 71 (Ben White Boulevard.) We are in the third building from Congress in Suite #117.


Scott, Owner and Principal
Scott has lived in Austin since childhood. Before founding Computer Medic in 1998, he worked as an Editor for Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Publishers where he was the Lead in developing the American edition of the ground-breaking SciencePlus educational series. The blank spot on his resume is from a period of indecision that came after that ended, in 1996. Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, Scott earned a BA in Geology from the University of Texas at Austin, a degree he somehow never used. But he has managed to accumulate a fairly good mineral collection (come see the meteorites!) When he grows up, he hopes to visit exotic destinations across the world and write travel books. He lives in South Austin with canine companions Deacon and Frieda (see below.)


Seed, Office Manager
Originally hailing from southwest Louisiana, Seed moved to Paris, France at the age of seventeen to attend university. She liked it so much she stayed on for seven years, earning a degree in Art History and attending classes at the Sorbonne for a year before eventually ending up in Austin in 2003. She speaks, reads, and writes French fluently, and offers customized tutoring for all ages when she’s not working at Computer Medic. Her experience in Austin has included managing a warehouse art space, designing smartphone apps, being on the production team of local arts festivals, writing and editing, teaching art, and various administrative support roles. Friend to all, she is interested in everything and enjoys experiencing diverse perspectives.


Carlos, Lead Technician
Carlos comes to us from Chiapas, Mexico, by way of McAllen. He worked for Apple Computer for a time, and has a deep background in all things Mac as an Apple Certified Professional. He also has great knowledge and experience with PCs, both software and hardware. If you need a repair on your iPad or iPhone, Carlos is your guy!


Paul, Technician
Originally from the United Kingdom, Paul has been in Austin for many years, and active in the PC business much of that time.


Alvin, Technician
Alvin spent more than 30 years in the automotive business, followed by ten years as a professional dog trainer, with showings at prestigious Schutzen competitions across the United States. He is currently semi-retired and aiming to keep it that way.


Deacon, canine extraordinaire, is resident greeter and invaluable technical consultant. Mostly Catahoula, a type of hound, he has been with Scott for over twelve years, ever since that day he just sort of wandered up and introduced himself. But please don’t call him “old.” He’s “mature,” thank you very much. Time for a nap now.


Frieda, Scott’s newest pack member, is a consummate schmoozer and loves absolutely everybody. (Well, except for that one guy, but we don’t dwell on that.) Just kidding- scratch behind her ears and she’s all yours. Yes, she’s part Rhodesian Ridgeback. How about that awesome double whorl!