Recycling Services

Like everything else, electronic devices have a lifespan. Eventually, your laptop or desktop or server is going to quit on you. Or perhaps you will just decide that it’s time for an upgrade. What to do with the old devices?

You already have enough to worry about. Let us handle that.

Computer Medic partners with local companies to responsibly recycle your discard electronic devices. And your data is always safe with us. Reusable drives are digitally wiped of data, while non-reusable drives are shredded. In either case, there is basically zero chance of your data getting into the wrong hands.

Bring your old equipment to our South Austin location and in most cases we can recycle it at no charge. If we come to you, the cost depends on the type of material being recycled, the amounts involved, and the amount of actual work required to remove and recycle it.

We handle large jobs and small. Call us for an estimate on your recycling job.

Here is an example of a recent recycling job. Two hundred-plus systems, hard drives removed and destroyed and the carcasses hauled off in under three hours.