At Computer Medic, we rarely meet a problem we cannot solve. We even fix the unusual, non-routine problems that leave the other guys stumped.




  • Quality refurbished computers, monitors and equipment priced well below retail
  • Repairs and upgrades
  • Customized builds



Mac Repair

We have years of experience repairing Macintoshes, and are familiar with all the common problems that occur in these computers.



Laptop Repair

We service all major laptop brands. If your laptop has a problem, we can fix it at a price that is more than fair. If it isn’t economical to fix, we will tell you and point you toward a workable solution.




Does your home or office need to be networked? We have deep experience with wired and wireless configurations. Let us get you connected!



Software Solutions

We can help you sort out your software difficulties. We’ve been doing this a long time and know how to solve most common software issues.




The Internet is an amazing and wonderful thing, but it is also a very dangerous place for the unprepared.  The malware industry is a giant, multi-billion dollar, multinational enterprise involving criminal syndicates all over the world. Malware (software designed to carry out some unauthorized purpose) takes many forms. It can slow your computer to a crawl, turn your machine into a spam-spewing zombie, or even steal your identity and wipe out your bank account. Don’t let that happen to you! At Computer Medic, we HATE malware. We will get rid of any malware and keep it away with powerful software tools.



Data Recovery

Your data is precious. If your hard drive is failing, we can usually recover your data using patented powerful software tools.  In the event that your drive requires a clean room recovery, we partner with some of the most advanced drive recovery firms in the country. If your data is recoverable, we will get it back for you at a price you can live with.




At Computer Medic, we believe in reusing and recycling whenever possible, so we will gladly recycle your unwanted computer or monitor. We partner with state-of-the-art recycling firms that efficiently remove all reusable materials from discarded computers and monitors, and responsibly dispose of only the small fraction that cannot be recycled.