Back in the Saddle Again. Sort of.

I am back at the office after nearly a month of recovery, following major abdominal surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. This surgery was necessary to correct damage caused by earlier surgeries, and to quash a stubborn and injurious infection left over from those earlier interventions.

Many thanks to Alicia for holding down the fort while I was out of commission.

The surgery was complex and lengthy, requiring three teams of specialists. Dead and damaged tissue had to be removed, avenues of infection closed, errors corrected, and tissue destroyed by infection replenished with grafts. The entire procedure took nearly 5 hours. But between the surgery and the follow-up care, the infection, which would most likely have eventually killed me, has been defeated. This is huge.

Special thanks to Doctor Bob Cima and his team of experts. Cima isn’t just a terrific surgeon; he’s also a really¬† good human being. This is true of pretty much everyone who works at the Mayo. You can feel it. It is for good reason that the Mayo Clinic is synonymous with first-class health care.

For the moment I’m weak, have limited mobility, and little stamina. I cannot stand for more than a few minutes without serious pain. I must take frequent breaks. But I am alive and functional.

Providence willing, this dreadful chapter of my life is now closed.

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  1. So happy you’re back. Take care and be healed well.
    We will be in to get son’s new to him laptop as soon as we get tax refund.
    Any day now or so they claim Ha!

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